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Tue, Jul. 12th, 2005, 02:06 pm
greenmandarin: dear fellow team leader...

when it is your turn to walk around and answer questions DO IT!!! do not wander aimlessly letting people come and interrupt me (who has been working since 5am answering questions.) do not sit at your desk and read every worthless piece of email that comes to you. do not point at me and say "go ask blah blah" i have done my share for the day. i have other things to do than to cover your ass. so when we have meetings don't point the finger at everyone else. you are your own worst problem. we all hate you. we all know that you don't work. we all want you to go away.

dear corporate team leader,
just because you make $3.00 an hour more than me does not mean that you are more important. it means that if one of your associates asks you a question you should answer it. you get paid more you should work more. and everyone else hates you too.

dear office in Mauritius,
I AM NOT TECH. I cannot fix your ADT issues, connectivity issues, or any other technical issue you have. now if you have an irate customer i can deal with them. anything else...go away.