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Sat, Oct. 11th, 2008, 07:13 pm
lizzbug: he never changes

my exboyfriend is one of my close friends but unfortunately his current girlfriend is a psyco bitch who snaps when anyone says my name.
its thanksgiving week and im home alone because i have to work, but my family and my boyfriends family is away at our cottages. so clearly im in panic mode cuz i miss everyone.
ANYWAYS, i just wanted to chill with my ex cuz its been a while and i really only see him at school. he said he would come over. HE IS NOT OVER RIGHT NOW.

here's what happened:
last night...
HIM- "i got arrested, i have a court date and now im going home to tell my parents so i dunno if i can come over tomorrow"

ME: "im almost done work, are you still coming over?"
HIM: "i dont have the car."
ME: (jokingly) "ohhh waittt, so you;re going to bus over and walk with me home? you're so nice :)"
HIM: "wait, i feel really sick."
ME: "whats wrong?"
[hour wait]
ME: "waitt, maybe you should just tell the truth."

that was five oclock and we havent talked since, because he never replied and im sure as hell not texting him anymore because im not letting him know he hurt me.